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Changing Copier Supplier!

Moving Your Service provision under a managed print service is easier than you think!

With the market consolidating once again to national service providers, often customers are assigned to the new company under contracted terms referred to as “assignment”

Unfortunately, in most cases service levels drop considerably and prices start to rise as the larger organisations begin to feed their growth and gain return on their investment leaving the customers with sub-standard service levels.

In other cases, suppliers continuously fail to perform despite promise of improvement, showing little or no interest.

How can A.L.E Business help?

A.L.E offers a free “no obligation” review for anyone looking to change suppliers following the guidelines of our commitment to “The Fairness Charter” issued by Fair contracts.

Below we answer some of your questions.

If I am unhappy with my service provider, can I change suppliers before the end of the primary lease term?

Yes, you can, we offer independent contract reviews under no obligation and will always provide an honest assessment following the guidelines issued to us by Fair Contracts.

Will I incur penalties if I change suppliers?

If you change supplier before the end of the minimum term you are liable for the outstanding balance on your lease payments less an early settlement discount. You may also incur a service settlement. We can advise on both as in both cases discounts often apply.

Am I required to give notice on an existing service contract?

Notice periods are detailed in the terms and conditions of your service/lease agreement and we can help you identify this. In all cases we will give you a detailed review of your current contracts ensuring you are left fully understanding your current contractual liabilities.

How do we engage with A.L.E Business?

In all cases we are here to support by either acting in a consultative role to help you improve services with your existing supplier or identifying an early exit strategy from your current contractual liability.

Simply contact us on to request a meeting with one of our team. We can either discuss detail over the phone or come to your place of work. In all cases our advice is free and you are under no obligation to buy from us!

We look forward to helping you.

A.L.E Team

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