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Coronavirus - Our new normal

Updated: May 11, 2020

Over the last couple of months we have all had to find new ways of working, and for many this has meant working from home.

Most companies have been able to get home workers up and running, (to a point) and we have all started using new systems such as, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Google Meet, Zoom or something similar. These systems have been great for keeping things going but in my experience they have just been used in place of a simple office phone system. Most people turn their camera off and I have certainly been left waiting for people to join a meeting that never turn up.

When we are finally allowed to go back into our places of work I think we will find the landscape has changed! some will have enjoyed the freedom of working from home, others will be looking at the cost of floor space and although some will want to get back behind their desks we may find that our new normal will be somewhere in the middle.

The truth is that giving people access to a business phone system when they are working from home has never been easier, with no hardware required (apart from a laptop) all they have to do is download an app! they will then be able to make and receive calls using their existing DDI (direct dial number) make internal calls, see which colleagues are available, including those that are not, transfer calls, put calls on hold, start conference calls and everything else you would normally do when sitting at your desk.

On top of this, you do not need to commit to a lengthy contract, our minimum term is just 12 months!

Our telephone systems offer:

  • No set up

  • No Hardware required

  • A fully functional business phone system at home

  • Use of existing phone numbers

  • No call charges

  • No long contracts

Find out more at or let us know your requirements by completing our contact form at Contact Us or call us on 01227 501933 alternatively contact me -

I look forward to hearing from you

Andrew Hanson


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