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"Work like tomorrow"

“Work like tomorrow” with A.L.E Business

At A.L.E we are constantly looking for ways to help you improve your document security at the same time as helping you work smart and reduce costs.

Traditional Print Management offerings are often associated with controlling, maintaining and monitoring a fleet and print environment, processes and its productivity levels. It is mostly concerned with aspects of print only.

A.L.E would like to invite you to “Work like tomorrow”.

This new breed of Print Management not only captures that of a traditional managed print service but also goes beyond print management and looks at certain data or sensitive documents that may not be permitted to be printed at all or printed only under strict controls.

While a user may be authorised to print on a printer, restrictions should be put in place to prevent printing documents that contain sensitive information.

In order to equip your organisation to “work like tomorrow”, you need a new way to help secure, govern and automate the flow of content.

Reduce Your Risk

Free Demonstrations available on request.

Contact A.L.E Business now to learn more

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